Notes From a Hired Pen

A writer’s seat at the table


I’m starting to write my book this week, so this was nice to see last night on E!’s livestream of the Golden Globes red carpet.




That’s Cheryl Strayed, author of Wild, with the woman who played her in the movie. I met Cheryl in 2013. She’s a lovely woman – charming, funny, and open about how many mistakes she’s made along the way, in life and in writing. And there she was, looking glam on the red carpet. She sat at the Wild table, and every time the camera would go to Oprah, she’d be right there behind her.

Of course every writer dreams that his or her book will be a roaring success and be turned into an award-nominated movie. I know the chances of it happening to me are extremely slim. But this was still nice to see, and that the woman who really made all of that possible by writing the book was invited to be part of the festivities last night.


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