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A writing surface for every room

As I mentioned in a previous post, I have a writing surface in every room of my home. I know you want to see them, and since it’s a nice Sunday, I’ll show you.




This is my office, version 2.0. I say that because it’s radically different than when I first moved into this house in 2007. Then, it looked like this. I changed things around for a lot of reasons, the main one being that I moved out of this house in 2011 to live with someone else, and my house became a rental. When we broke up in early 2013, I moved back home. I had switched to a standing desk while living with that other person and decided to stick with it. I’ve written at the kitchen counter since college, so a stand up desk made sense (it’s from Ikea). I added the architect chair so I can sit when I feel like it. As you can see, the wall color has obviously changed. The blue was covered over with white for my tenants. I asked my realtor to tour the house and suggest changes before I moved back in, and the first thing he said was “do not paint the office that blue again.” I loved it, but I can see his point. Good thing I love the new color, too (he still thinks it’s too bright if I am considering selling the place, which I’ve am, but I have to work here in the mean time, and I could very well stay for another decade). The floor is different, too. His other suggestion had been to rip up the carpet and re-finish the floors, which I did. The rug came from if you’re curious. The Miss America composites might be familiar if you read this story.  I have far less desk space with this set up than I did with my old, traditional desk (the laptop takes up a good chunk of the surface), but that’s okay. Papers for stories I’m working on are kept in piles on the floor. I don’t mind a little mess, especially in my office.




This is the writing surface in my bedroom. I had sold most of my furniture when I moved in with my now ex, so I had to rebuild when I moved home. I started out with one dresser instead of the two I’d had before, and decided to stick to one and buy…something else instead. That something else was this mid-century modern vanity and matching stool. I bought it at a liquidation sale (the entire set was lovely, but I didn’t need it). Yes, all my jewelry is in there, but the main attraction for me was the flat surface. I work here when I want to type on my iPad (usually writing a first draft) or edit a difficult document. It’s a clean space with room for my iPad or document, plus a cup of tea. The afternoon light on there is wonderful. And yes, that’s an A on my mug. I like my middle initial.




This is a work on progress – the spare room. It’s where things that had no home went to rest as I worked on other rooms in the house. I spent the morning sorting through those boxes to see what stays and what goes. I also sold the reading chair that had been in the corner since I’m having a love seat delivered this week. That will turn this room, officially, into my reading room. The writing surface comes curtesy of a 1960s shelving console that I bought at Dig This. That “desk” flips back up to be part of the console. This was a very common feature of furniture of that time – my dining room cabinet set, which had belonged to my grandparents, has the same thing. I usually type here with my iPad (the chair is in the basement to make room for the love seat delivery). I haven’t used this much since the room has been full of boxes, but that will change shortly. The other two writing surfaces aren’t that exciting: my dining room table for when I’m working on a big, messy project; and a lapdesk that I’ll sometimes use on the couch (though more often, if I’m writing on the couch, I rest the iPad on a pillow). One thing I love about being a freelance writer is setting up my life around my job. I’ve done the same with my home. It’s not a bad way to live.

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