Notes From a Hired Pen

One of the best days

Today was supposed to be a busy day. I had a corporate job due by close of business, and a magazine feature to write on Monday – a feature where I didn’t quite have all of the sources lined up.

After an early night in Atlantic City, I woke up and thought I should pack up and head home. Instead, the last bit of information I needed to finish the corporate job came through, and I found out that my route home was temporarily closed.

So I sat on the beach for a few hours with a new book. Then I came home after the road re-opened, invoiced for the corporate job, and laid on my couch and finished reading the book. And then I found my reading classes, which had been missing for four months.

It was one of those days that I was very grateful for what I did for a living. Today was one of those days. Best job in the world.

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