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One the Road with Jen: Annie

Hey where I’d go?

Well right now I’m in Ohio. I turned back east a bit early for one 20-something pound reason. Meet Annie.




I found her in a shelter in Idaho. I couldn’t leave her behind. She’s snoozing on the hotel room bed as I write this, ready for another long day of driving. She’s a champ about it.

I will probably have more to say about adopting her, and this trip, but at the moment, I have to file a story and then keep moving east.

Road trips are all about the unexpected. This is the best type of that.


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  1. jeanmosher says:

    Brought tears to my eyes
    I lost my beautiful Chocolate Lab after a year long battle with cancer. She passed on Halloween and I miss her every second
    I pretty much did what you did but didn’t move– I wanted to but couldn’t do what it would have taken to do it
    I wish you and your new baby every happiness

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