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Oops: Apologizing to a client

I had two conflicting issues on Monday: a terrible head cold and a deadline.

I had two options on how to proceed: finish the work by fighting through the cold, or alert my client that I was sick and ask for another 24 hours. I chose the former, for a few reasons, one being that this is a piece that will need to be cycled through three different people, and I wanted to get the ball rolling so it’s all done and approved by Friday.

My client called me today and said that the result didn’t look like my typical work.


So what do you do in that situation? First, I apologized. Yes, I was sick, but I should have recognized that I was too sick to work. Second, I asked if they had started to edit it on their end, and when my client said no, I asked if I could take another swing through the draft. I dropped everything else I was working on to do so, and returned a second draft back an hour later. All systems are now go.

My client is a kind human being and has worked with me for a very long time, so this wasn’t as huge a deal as it could have been. Still, I’m mad at myself for not turning in my best stuff. Lesson learned.


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