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Perception of freelancing

My mom made a joke tonight – and old one – about how I really didn’t work. She said this sarcastically, of course. When I started freelancing, a lot of people thought my job was easy.

That perception is changing though, at least for me. Why? It could be that more people are freelancing in a lot of different sectors, so more traditionally employed people know freelancers. I think the real reason, though, is the internet, where it’s so easy for people who share their experiences in what it’s like to be self employed, and for others to read about those experiences. I also share almost every story I write on social media, which has allowed people in my life to see how much I produce per week/month/year.

A friend once told me that I should make my job seem effortless, and I do strive for that in my writing. It should read naturally, as if that perfect prose sprouted out of my head just like that. I don’t think I need to gloss over the harder parts of freelancing, though. It prepares someone for the career if they’re considering it, and also keeps people from thinking that I sit around and eat bon bons all day while occasionally tapping out a story.

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