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Running: A Love Story – the pre-order giveaway!



Hey look at that! We’re giving away stuff!

If you pre-order the book and send proof of said purchase to, you’ll be entered to win one of five prize packs that include a Exit 3.1 shirt, race entry, Body Glide, socks, and a little something special from me. The grand prize will also include a bag of running shoe-shaped pasta.

The photo should be self explanatory (and if it’s too small, click on it and it’ll get big!) I will add this: if you want to pre-order a signed, personalized copy that will be mailed to you when the book comes out, contact InkwoodNJ and they’ll set it up.

Special thanks to the Running Companies of South Jersey for helping out on this one, and for folks at each race for giving us entries to give away.

Deadline’s March 1!

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