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Smart girls don’t write for free

Amy Poehler recently launched a site called Smart Girls at the Party, which promises to “be a hub for teens, parents, teachers and fans of all ages to learn, to become a part of the greater Smart Girl community, and to participate in Smart Girl projects.”

Sounds great! Except when you get to the contributors page: “Contributor positions are unpaid, but flexible.” These are positions that require a resume and cover letter to be considered and, of course, free work in exchange for – I don’t know. Getting your face shown on a pretty button on the website?

This kind of stuff is so common that I can’t get worked up about it anymore, but I admit I’m disappointed. I had planned to buy Poehler’s book, but I’m going to pass. Or I could find a bootleg copy online. She shouldn’t mind not getting paid for her work as long as I’m exposed to her comedy, right?

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