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Week 11: Big miles, big book

8 miles, 1:26:42

If all goes well tomorrow and I get in all 16 miles on my schedule, I’ll be crossing the mag 50 mile a week marker for a total of 54. For someone who runs as slow as I do, that’s a lot. That’ll come to many many hours of running (Daily Mile will give me the tally after).

Not to jinx myself, but I’m feeling pretty good. I’ve been taking what Linnabah Snyder’s coach said about how, despite having a full time job that doesn’t involve running, she still made it to the Olympic Marathon Trials: because she focuses on the little things.

So I’ve been focusing time and energy on all those little things related to running that can make running better: eating what I need to eat, sleeping enough (I’m in bed by 9pm most nights now, and even if I don’t nap every day, I do take a half hour “time out” after lunch to relax, read and yes sometimes sleep), and paying attention to a hip that can, without attention, ache. That has meant sports massages, regular stretching and use of the foam roller and now using a heating pad before running and icing it after.

I’ve also been through this training schedule twice before, and maybe I’m better prepared for it because I knew what was coming. I also have this feeling of “after I’m done, I don’t have to do this again.” I’m not saying I won’t run another marathon, or that I won’t do Hansons again, but I really don’t have any big marathon plans after May 1 – a freeing feeling because it allows me to focus on this training, right now, and do everything I need to do for it.

Another focus of management: stress. The timeline for the book has been pushed up because, well, Amazon pushed it up. I’m a bit annoyed because I had things planned timed to a March 22 release, but in some ways, this works. The anxiousness and stress I was feeling related to that date are now gone (especially since most of my family’s read it now). It’s out there. It is what it is. So I’ll just keep running on.

I have a lot of events coming up at the end of March and throughout April. Many of them will involve running in addition to my schedule. How will I handle that? Stay tuned.


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