Notes From a Hired Pen

Week 12: TV and races

4.5 miles, 43:51

Well that didn’t go as planned. Right before I started my run, I got an email from 6ABC asking if they could interview me that afternoon. This is the second time this week I got an email from TV news this week while about to or mid-run.

I am not complaining! This is a good thing! However, my training is starting to butt against this book in a way I anticipated, though not quite in this way. On both Tuesday and today, I scrambled to finish up my workout (cutting a half mile off today’s, but finishing Tuesday’s entirely), and then be camera ready. This was harder on Tuesday because I did a nine-mile speed workout on a humid day first. My face was very flushed, and my hair a frizz no matter what I did. Today was easier, not just because I only had a five mile easy run scheduled, but also because my hair guy snuck me into his schedule and took care of the frizz for me.

Anyway, here’s the clip from Tuesday. The Courier Post did a nice piece too. The second TV clip (with better hair!) will air sometime in April.

Two races this weekend! On Saturday, I’m running the Adrenaline 5k (though not racing – I’m running to and from the race). On Sunday, I’m running my ninth (!!!!) Ocean Drive 10 Miler. Forecast is calling for snow. I wouldn’t expect anything else.

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