Notes From a Hired Pen

Week 13: Drive 55

16 miles, 2:39:17

When I mapped out my training for the 2016 New Jersey Marathon, this week stood out. Not only did it call for 56 miles of running, but this week also overlapped with the launch of Running: A Love Story. I didn’t laugh so much when I saw that as I cackled. That would be fun, I thought. Sarcastically.

I ended up doing not so bad, despite all the excitement/nerves/book party that went along with it. On Saturday, I had the unique experience of running home to read my first newspaper review (it was very positive and as of yet not online). My 16 mile Sunday run – which was today – wasn’t so hot, and I thought many times I should just run home and quit, but then I kept doing it to the point I was so far into it that then I was at my house with only two more miles to go, so I just did them.

I don’t know why my total this week came to 55 and not 56 – that sometimes happens give that how much warm up and cool down you do on Tuesdays (speedwork) is a range given for guidance. That’s okay. I’m not worried about that mile. I’m more relieved that I got here, I did it, and I’m ready for the last month of training. Though I’m going to be skipping tomorrow’s run because I’m taking a train to Boston and back tomorrow. I’m not so worried about that too. I’ve stuck to the scheduled pretty closely. Work happens, and that’s the case tomorrow.

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