Notes From a Hired Pen

Week 15: Is it all too much?

1.5 miles, 15:49

I knew this day would come. Or: I hoped it wouldn’t, but I figured it would. Trying to keep up with the heaviest part of the marathon training at the same time I’d be doing events and travel forĀ Running: A Love Story (and also, you know, keeping up with my regular job) would prove to be too much. I went to my mom’s house this morning with the intention of doing a 10 mile tempo run (with one mile warm up and cool down) from there instead, then sat on a chair with my dog in my lap and heating pad on my hip and thought “nope.”

Part of this is because I have a book event tonight that includes a run. Part of this is I’m tired, and those little tiny injuries are starting to add up. I haven’t figured out yet if this is just a one-day funk (which would be understandable given my travel schedule and lack of sleep!) or if it’s a sign that I’m going to have a very hard time getting through the last three weeks of training. I had set a goal of breaking four hours knowing that I could, when all of these things that are happening right now were happening, revise it to having a more modest time goal or just finish.

I’m not there yet. But the thought has started to spin around my mind. I did put on my running clothes this morning and at least put in a bit of mileage. Tonight I’m going to have a nice, easy run tonight, see how my 16 mile run goes this weekend, then regroup next week.

Running is fun!

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