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Week 4: Brrrrrrrrrrrrr



5 miles, 53:12

I saw somewhere today that the real feel temperature this morning was three degrees. I ran at 6:30 a.m., so I’m going to have to go with — or colder. It’s the first time that I’ve ever worn my balaclava and couldn’t pull the mouthpiece down at some point during the run from warming up. I tried a few times — hey, that thing can make breathing harder — but soon after put it back up to protect my nose and my kisser. I also had ice crystals on my eyelashes when I came home, and for the next 45 minutes, hugged myself to try to warm up. I tried to hold my dog to do that to my hands, which she did not appreciate.

Running is fun!

I did about three of my five miles on the Haddon Township high school track. One reason was safety: I wear a reflective vest, but I’m still nervous about running in the street when barely awake folks are trying to get to work (or to the train since I live near one). The other reason is that I’m still concerned about my left foot, which is the one I almost broke in 2013. It’s barked a lot less since I started wearing my running inserts in shoes when not running, but I want to be extra careful with it, which means retreating to a softer surface when cold makes asphalt harder. I’ve been avoiding concrete too — here’s a great story outlining why. That many mile on the track without any speedework  a little boring, but if it means I worry less about getting hit by a car or hurting my foot, I’ll take it.

I shouldn’t have to worry about this in Florida, which is why I was out there so early. Sorta. I’m sure you’ve heard we here in New Jersey might have a big ol’ storm on Friday. I’ve shifted up my departure date up so I’m well south of it. That means I had a lot more to do today than originally planned, so getting the run out of the way early helped me mow down my to do list. Leaving early means an extra day on the road, but more time to explore and — let’s be honest — finish up the last stories I need to turn in before I tune out for two weeks.

Oh and that picture. If you found me because I wrote about #whorepants (either when the story was first published or when Runner’s World re-shared it on social media yesterday), this is my new pair. The old ones don’t work for running anymore, and since I knew I’d be putting in cold morning miles, I hopped onto to look for new tights. Of course I picked the purple pair. Of course.


Bit of book news: it has a website! Tomorrow I’ll be announcing a giveaway for folks who pre-oder the book. I’ll announce it on Twitter and Facebook around 10 am, and then here at a later point in the day.


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