Notes From a Hired Pen

Week 7: Five things

7 miles with 5 at marathon pace, 1:04:25

I’m trying to find something clever to say here, but I’m tired. It’s cold. It’s going to be very cold this weekend, and I have many miles to run. So how about four things I’m thinking about? Cool.

  1. I’m adjusting both my food and strength training to go with increased mileage, and it’s not easy. It’s finding new routines all over again. Food wise, I’ve increased the volume of it and how many carbohydrates I eat. I’m a bit heavier than I’d like, but I can’t tell if that’s from eating too much because I’m hungry all the time or the one-two punch of the holidays followed by a two week vacation. I’m aiming to do three sessions of strength training a week: one at the gym and two at home. Still feeling out how that goes, especially as the mileage ramps up and my legs grow tired.
  2. Sports massages are wonderful and horrible and wonderful and I recommend them.
  3. I’ve been doing some of my non-speedwork miles on the track. One reason for this is that I’m worried about re-injuring my foot if I run too much on very cold and very frozen asphalt. The other is that I don’t really mind the monotony of it. It takes out the guess work of where I should run because it’s right there. I also don’t worry about cars sliding on ice and into me. I doubt I’ll keep this up for the rest of my training program, but it’s not a bad change for a little while.
  4. Multiple programs autocorrect speedwork to spadework. There’s a joke or a story or something in there.
  5. Pieces of shit who yell at me from their trucks will be told they’re pieces of shit. You asshole.

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