Notes From a Hired Pen

Week 9: Here comes the build up

Six miles, 1:00:18

So: this week I’m scheduled to do 47 miles. I’m at 28. I have 20 to run this weekend, split between two days.


(And yes I know that adds up to 48 – I had some mileage added on because I ran to and from where I did speedwork).

How am I doing? Okay. I ran very early on Monday because I then spent the rest of the day in New York City and then got up very early on Tuesday for speedwork. By 7pm Tuesday night, I was ready to fall asleep (and was out cold by 9pm). I can’t remember being so happy to go to bed.

But I’m still holding my own. I did not bonk on Thursday’s tempo run, which jumped from five to eight miles this week. That was a key win, and even better was that I finished the last mile strong. I’ve been trying to visualize the finish of the marathon on the last legs of these hard workouts. It’s inspiring to me in the moment to finish the workout because it reminds me what all this work is for, and it’s good to think about the race at a time when I’m already tired.

I plan to do at least one run along the course, probably in March when I’m in Asbury Park for a concert. I used to like to go into races blind because I thought going over the course first would freak me out. In 2013, I wrote about the New Jersey Marathon soon before I ran it, and in the process was driven over the course by the race director. That tour helped enormously because I knew which obstacles there were (which really was none) and what I’d be hitting at what points. I hope that an extra run or two practicing on it before the 2016 race will help too.

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