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What I watch/hear when writing



My latest TV obsession is Miss Fisher’s Murder Mysteries. It’s an Australian Broadcasting Company show that’s how streaming on Netflix.

There’s a lot to like, especially the costumes: the show takes place in 1920s Melbourne. It’s fun and formulaic, too: someone dies, Miss Fisher’s called in, she battles with the local detective, maybe someone else dies, and then the mystery is solved. It’s like Law & Order with much better costumes and music.

I watch this a lot when I’m working on tedious stories (they can’t all be exciting folks). I usually have something in the background while I’m working, so here’s a post about what I listen to when:

Normal workday: iTunes on shuffle, Your Favorite Coffee House, Mood Booster or Smart is the New Sexy channels on Spotify.

Tedious work: Right now, Miss Fisher, but I’m also partial to really bad sex comedies of the 1960s. Netflix has too many.

Science or construction articles: When something’s really technical, I switch to classical music, either WRTI or the Whispering Solo Piano station on iTunes.

Writing or revising essays: Anything by Guster or Ari Hest’s 52 project.

Revising articles when the edits make sense:  Tron: Legacy soundtrack or the Club Dubstep channel on Spotify.

Revising articles when the editor has lost his/her mind: Death metal.


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