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Working on the Weekend

It’s a lovely Sunday morning here in Collingswood, N.J. I woke up, took the dog for a walk, had a nice breakfast, brewed my coffee and…went to work.

This is a rare occasion. When I started freelancing, I worked a lot of nights and weekends, but I’d burn out quickly. My work suffered, and I made mistakes in that work. So I set strict limits on my work time: no weekends, no nights, unless absolutely necessary.

Today, it’s necessary. The run up to the Fourth of July is usually like this. Everyone wants something right before or right after the holiday, which means it all needs to be done by July 2. Why July 2? Because no one is going to answer their phones or emails on July 3. I had seven stories to write in a week, not including my two regular columns. So I put in some night work last week and time today. I’m now down to two stories. I’ll have one done this morning, and the other done Tuesday morning – and then maybe I can sneak down to the beach or to finally see the latest Hunger Games movie or 22 Jump Street.

A well-meaning family member once said that freelancing should be great because if you want to make more money, you just work more. That hasn’t been the case for me. Weekends are just as important for me as someone who drives into an office five days a week.

And now I’ll go wrap up that story so I can sit on my couch with my dog and enjoy the rest of the weekend.

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