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#yesallwomen, journalism edition

This happens so often that I’m desensitized to it. I’ve gotten it since college, though commenters being able to use an internet-provided shroud of anonymity has intensified the volume of it.

Even the pattern is typical: first, try to take focus away from a woman in a position of power who has something to say (i.e. a woman with a sports column in a newspaper) by making some disgusting comment about her female body parts. Then throw what a troll thinks is the ultimate insult when that comment is challenged: that the body previously deserving such a comment is now undesirable, and that the female doing the challenge will die alone without the comfort and affection of men such those who think they’re flattering said woman by making comments about her rack.


(I never comment on my stories. That’s Allie doing the challenging).

I usually ignore comments, but I wanted to see if there was a debate on my proposal to fix Philadelphia running. Sometimes there’s no rhyme or reason to what gets the trolls going. When I wrote about the harassment of female runners, vitriolic emails poured in. But you want to know what’s inspired the most hate mail/hate tweets/hate blog posts? *THIS!* Apparently I’m part of a liberal conspiracy to keep women out of the kitchen where they belong because, by writing about running, I encourage them to do things that go against a woman’s nature (also: that I will die alone without the comfort and affection of men such those who think they’re flattering me by making comments about my rack).

I’ve written about dealing with trolls before, but if you want to know more about what it’s like being a woman writing online, I recommend reading this story.

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  1. Jen Singer says:

    Imagine this:

    “The name on the bib of the white man says “James,” so I can assume that the man in the pic is the author James Thurber. If so, nice penis and from the looks of it you appear to be cold.”

    Nah. Because women don’t reduce men to body parts while hiding behind anonymous comments.

    So, why do so many men do that to us? #YesAllWomen

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